Zigi Marketing Affiliate Program is an online marketing program that allows users to earn Zigi Coins by sharing Zigi Marketing content on their social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, VK, and Facebook. When a user shares Zigi Marketing content on their social media platform, they earn Zigi Coins, and these coins increase in value from the profits of all affiliate program sales. The ZigiCoin System is used to track and manage the earnings of the affiliate program participants.

Each 50 ZigiCoin is equal to $1, and users have a daily ZigiCoin limit of 1000 ZigiCoins. The daily ZigiCoin limit will be reset after 24 hours from the user's last valid earned action, which includes posting, commenting, or reacting. Users can withdraw their earnings or transfer them to their wallet.

The ZigiCoin System rewards users for various actions on social media. For instance, users earn one ZigiCoin for writing a review on any post, ten ZigiCoins for sharing a post on a social media platform, and ten ZigiCoins for sharing a post.

The Zigi Global Group Corporation platform zigi.be is responsible for distributing ZigiCoins. Zigi.be is a social media botnet and real human affiliate hybrid marketing system that runs thousands of social media bots daily to automatically share everything that is on a user's profile wall. When a user becomes a pro user, their posts become visible to the Zigi.group human affiliate network consisting of over ten thousand people worldwide. The affiliate network then shares the user's post via their social networks, increasing the user's visibility and driving more traffic to their profile.

The Zigi Marketing Affiliate Program offers a unique opportunity for users to earn money by sharing Zigi Marketing content on their social media platforms. The program provides users with a daily earning limit and a clear system for tracking their earnings. Additionally, the Zigi Global Group Corporation platform offers users access to a large human affiliate network, allowing them to boost their traffic and generate real leads faster.

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