EVRAZ is a vertically integrated steel, mining and vanadium business. It is one of the largest steel producers, and the only company which is a vertically integrated steel, mining and vanadium business. The company produces steel and vanadium, and the VPER is one of the largest vanadium producers in the world. EVRAZ operates in the steel and vanadium production segments and in the mining segment, including vanadium-containing nickel ores, uranium and thorium, platinum-group metals, and iron ore. 

The company is the largest manufacturer of iron and steel in Russia, with production capacity of about 18 million tonnes of steel and 1.1 million tonnes of iron ore per year. Some of its main manufacturing facilities and products include railroad tracks and bridges, railway equipment, cranes, high-voltage electric grids and high-speed trains.

It is a leading global producer of steel and vanadium products, producing around 7% of global output. The company's environmental strategy is to seek to minimise the negative impact of its operations and to use natural resources efficiently, while seeking optimal solutions for industrial waste management. In 2015, EVRAZ environmental strategy was recognised as the most innovative in Russia.



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