Businesses are ramping up their efforts to provide the best WiFi to their visitors and customers. But what if you're a small business who can't afford an expensive WiFi solution? Or what if you're an IT professional who doesn't have the time to manage a WiFi platform? The Purple Solution is your answer. With a world-class portal, fast and reliable network, and a user-friendly interface, Purple is the industry's most comprehensive, flexible, and proven platform.

Purple WiFi is the industry's most cost-effective, flexible and proven WiFi platform. With the ability to seamlessly extend your WiFi footprint across multiple locations, Purple WiFi provides a seamless experience for your guests and customers.

Purple is a global leader in providing technology and services to the hospitality industry. They offer WiFi, Digital Wayfinding, and more. Their services are integrated with the most comprehensive, flexible, and proven platform you can find. It is the industry's most comprehensive, flexible, and proven platform. From hotels and resorts to cruise ships and airlines, Purple provides the necessary tools for successful business.

Provide Guest WiFi that is stable, secure, and scalable
Visitors expect access to the internet. But that shouldn't mean more work for you and your team. IT & Network teams use Purple to remove the hassle of providing Guest WiFi

Learn more about who your customers are, what they do and how they think
Customers are willing to share their information in return for connectivity. Marketing teams use Purple to get better quality customer data, more quickly and at a much lower cost through their Guest WiFi.

Direct your visitors to the right place at the right time
Visitors get lost. And when that happens it costs you money in staff time and delays. Operations teams use Purple to enable customers to find their way through Digital Wayfinding.



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