As the evolving cyberthreat landscape grows in complexity, the need for post-breach remediation solutions grows. Spin Technology is born out of the need to protect its customers and their data from the most intricate and sophisticated cyber threats. Our team is made up of experts in IT development and cybersecurity, with expertise in global threat intelligence and post-breach remediation. We help our customers protect their data and their business by delivering solutions that are built for the modern threat landscape.

The world is constantly evolving, and so is technology. With the advent of the internet and its expansion of the cyber landscape, protecting and securing our data has become a daunting task for organizations worldwide. This can be especially difficult for companies headquartered in the United States, where government regulations, legal obligations, and security requirements are significant and often impossible to meet. This is where Spin Technology comes in. With the best expertise in data security, cyberdefense, cloud computing, security analytics, and IT development, Spin Technology is proud to provide a last line of defense for hundreds of companies worldwide.

Spin Technology is an IT security company that provides data security software for the most critical environments. They were founded in 2017 and are headquartered in Palo Alto. They have 60+ full-time employees. They work with organizations worldwide. They specialize in providing the most innovative last line of cyberdefense, SaaS data management, and protection for their clients. Their team consists of 60+ members with the best expertise in IT development and cybersecurity.


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