In an age where the digital economy is booming and content is more important than ever, we are reimagining the way in which we approach publishing. With our extensive range of titles, we not only seek to enhance and to enrich our reader's lives, but to continually engage with the surrounding creative landscape.

Many people are still not quite sure what Gestalten is, what it does, and what the difference is between it and a book. To put it simply, Gestalten is a publishing company with a difference. Our approach is to design and produce books that are meant to be used and appreciated for a long time after purchase. 

Gestalten is a publisher of books, magazines, and exhibitions across all media, focusing on the cultural, creative, and social aspects of contemporary living. We are committed to a continuous process of reimagining the way in which we approach publishing, a process which is constantly evolving.

Gestalten has been at the forefront of publishing for over a decade and has proven that we are more than just a publisher. We offer our readers a wide range of titles, including those focused on art, design, fashion, and photography in addition to books on contemporary culture, philosophy, and the like. With our open-minded approach to publishing, we continue to seek new ways to engage with our fellow creators and to create innovative content that is unique to our audience.


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